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Why Fundraise with us?


Our style of fundraising is better for your supporters and easier for you!


  • Less hassle with no pickup required

  • No forced delivery dates for large quantities of product

  • No required member organization of products upon delivery

  • Fresh product for your supporters with convenient on-demand ordering/pickup

  • No expiration for your supporters

  • No limit on profit for your organization 

How it works....


  • Cost of card = $7.00

  • Organization will set standard price for members to sell each card for (checks should be made to organization) 

  • Organization will use master roster to keep track of each member and related amounts sold 

  • Members will use Order Forms for order collection 

  • Members sell cards good for (1) 12” cold sub, a bag of chips, and a bottle of water 

  • Upon deadline for submission organization will retrieve tickets sold in total from FRONT STREET SUBS 

  • Cards are then distributed to members for delivery to supporters 

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